Data, Rather Than Opinions


Analytics & Insights, Testing & Optimization = Success


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Our role is to provide the methodology, drive the process expeditiously forward and to ensure precise execution.

We employ time-tested methodologies armed with the latest technologies.

Every project starts with;

Discovery, Assessment, Strategy, Planning & Execution

but this does not yet guarantee success;

There is a method for composing marketing success, it is;

Web Analytics

Setting up the platform for capturing the right data, analyzing the data and deliver precise opportunities, is the backbone and an integral part of any marketing that we manage

User Insights

Analytics  tells us “what” your visitors are doing. User Insights tells us “why” visitors are doing. We use user surveys, polls and feedback to gain better user insight and make better marketing decisions


We test whatever we optimization changes we make. We use a multifaceted testing discipline that includes, A/B testing (split testing, Multivariate testing) Usability and User Experience testing

Once we have data-based metrics and user insights, we perform ongoing optimization with a goal to increase the number of visitors that take action (also known as conversion rate optimization)

We iterate this process with agility until we find success

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