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Who Is Minmun Group?

The Marketing Team You’ve Always Wanted

Minmun Group builds upon more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing and management from “both sides of the desk.”

Minmun Group, led by CMO Aaron Flohr was found to fill a void that exists in many organizations:

What Makes Us Different?

“Greater Results, Lower Cost, Higher Profit”

Grow On Steroids

End-to-End Marketing Optimization

A true marketing team should be a catalyst for organizational transformation.

As Your Outsourced Digital Marketing Department we’re as much business executives as marketers.

We research, evaluate, identify, define, shape, differentiate and execute. We plan, budget, assemble, measure, adjust and optimize.

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Over the years we've worked with, agencies, teams and partners. The minmun group honesty is something you cannot beat, I really feel that we are one company, aligned in the same goals.

Max Rubin, Ritz Camera

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